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15 First YouTube Video Ideas to Get Views and Subscribers

After becoming a YouTuber, the first concern is what to create for people to get views and subscribers. Every YouTube tries hard to find good first YouTube video ideas that are different, unique, and appealing to the audience.

Do you struggle with finding YouTube Content Ideas? Making your first video, and you have no clue about the central theme? In this article, we have shared 15 First YouTube Video Ideas. Let’s find some great to attract your YouTube channel’s audience.

First YouTube Video Ideas


We recommend starting with videos to introduce yourself to people and answer questions they search for regularly. One of the best topics for the first YouTube videos to start is to make an introductory video of yourself to let people know who you are.

As musicians, we should always try to be different from our competitors since people love to listen to unordinary and unique music even though thousands of musicians create videos on YouTube. However, to stand out in the crowd, your goal should be to do a little extra, which is better than others.

Following are some of the most exciting first YouTube Video Ideas that you should try.

1- Introduction Video

As mentioned earlier, it all starts with a YouTube introduction video. How would someone want to watch your videos and enjoy your content if they don’t know who you are? As a YouTube First Video, you should start with uploading a video on your channel describing who you are, why you started a YouTube channel, and what you’ve for your viewers in the future.

Nevertheless, a good YouTube introduction video idea does not include revealing all of your content topics in the very first attempt. By introduction, your aim should be to share the theme of your channel so that the viewers will have a perspective about what they can expect from your YouTube channel.

2- Start Making Vlogs

When it’s about YouTube content, vlogs are the most modern and loved by the audience. People of all ages enjoy watching what’s going on in your life—no matter where you live or what you do. If you show your unfiltered organic life routine, your viewers will love watching it. If you are looking for the first YouTube video ideas to get subscribers, making vlogs is one of the best ways you can start with.

3- A Day of My Life

Open YouTube and search for “A Day in My Life“. You’ll surely end up finding hundreds of videos on this topic. You can make a video showing your lifestyle to let your audience see your daily routine.

Especially being a musician, you can have so much exciting content to share, making people watch your videos. Organize an activity with some friends – the louder the personalities, the better – and film the good times.

4- Review and Attract

One of the most trendy first YouTube video ideas is the review and attract. Many YouTubers have started using this strategy. When people want to buy or use a specific product, they usually search for it on YouTube to get a better understanding.

If you are a music creator and have so many instruments around, you can review them and show your audience if they are worth buying or not. Become an expert and share your reviews to earn people’s trust, and your audience will start listening to your opinions and suggestions.

Trust me! This is one of the best ways of gaining your audience’s trust and making them stay longer.

5- Share Tutorials

YouTube itself is an institution. Some so many students make use of YouTube to learn a skill. Being a skillful musician, you can take YouTube as an excellent opportunity and start teaching people with your expertise. Make YouTube tutorials about using a specific instrument or make them learn music. Your viewers will love it!

6- Perform a Comedy Skit

Promote your music and make people laugh at the same time. Like most YouTube users, you probably enjoy laughing as well. Find a camera and grab your friends for some funny videos! Upload comedy skits on your channel using your music and create another fanbase.

7- Behind the Scenes

You can let viewers know what goes on behind the scenes if you show them what you do. Viewers can imagine what it would be like to shoot a song or what goes around behind a music video.

Always remember. The more curiosity and suspense you’ll create, the more people will get attracted to your content. BTS has been one of the most followed first YouTube Video Ideas, and almost every YouTuber has created a separate playlist for this subject. It’s high time that you also start uploading the behind-the-scenes of your work. It might become even more famous than the regular uploads.

8- Frequently Asked Questions

Respond to a frequently asked question within your field. A video like this shows how to answer the question “How can I become a music enthusiast? “requested by a music creator just like yourself.

Put together a video answering the questions you’re asked the most about yourself or your industry. Find the most exciting questions that you would enjoy answering. Try not to make it controversial since people don’t want to watch unimportant stuff anymore. Remember, they’ve already got a lot of options. It’s up to them to make them stay.

9- Product Video

Sharing product videos is also an excellent way to provide information on YouTube, and that’s exactly what people want to get. One of the best first YouTube video ideas to attract people to your channel is making a product video showing people the specifications and features of a specific item.

Consumers often look for reviews or additional information on YouTube before purchasing. By providing these potential customers with more information about a product through your channel, you can help them.

10- Share Your Portfolio

A video that showcases your complete collection of products or a new group can give potential customers a good sense of what you offer. You can also make a video portfolio to display your work as an artist or craftsperson.

Being a musician, you can share your instruments or music collection, which fascinates people.

11- What’s On My Phone?

One of the most viewed video trends on YouTube is making a “What’s on my Phone” video. Share a detailed video on what applications do you use. What are the most unused applications you’ve downloaded? A story behind you downloading a specific application and many more. Trust me! People love listening to your account till you stay honest and loyal to them.

12- Sing A Song

You would be thinking, how does it make sense for a musician to have a YouTube channel but not share a song video. However, professionally singing a song is not what we aim to say.

Make a remake or sing an old song with some improvisation. Make it your way and a little unique. Sing your voice and let the world enjoy. You’ll be amazed to see how people will start sharing their feedback with you, which will make you learn a lot.

13- Do A Room Tour

The way someone decorates their room reveals a lot about them. Don’t let them know how lousy you are by cleaning up your mess before shooting a room tour. If you are a music creator, it would be a great idea to show your studio or do a room tour showing the space where you make music. Tell the audience what’s unique in that place and why you create your music there.

Make yourself more familiar with the audience by showing them around your house (or room). Keeping viewers in your mind will strengthen your connection with them.

14- D-I-Y Video Ideas

Create something from scratch by providing your audience with a step-by-step process to follow.

It’s a beneficial tool to demonstrate how to make things at home or use everyday objects creatively or revamp old items instead of buying them. If you have no ideas for a DIY video, you can share some music hacks you use that would be considered no less than a music-related DO IT YOURSELF project.

15- Talk About Music Technology

No matter where you go or what you do, there will be technology involved in your life one way or the other. People are eager to know about the latest releases and additional information about technological evolution. To make the most of this opportunity, you can start making videos about music technology.

The technology community has long ignored audiophiles. You’ll see people flocking to you if you create engaging content they’ll love. Tell some music trends and technological advancements in music creation that young music creators can learn from and use in their life.

Lastly, listen to your audience! Ask them what they want to see! So you can generate new subscribers for your YouTube channel, you also need to engage your audiences on other social media. Make the most of Instagram and other Metaverse platforms.

The Final Verdict

Who doesn’t want to make their Youtube channel reach millions of audiences? Everyone wants to have a strong fanbase and a decent number of YouTube subscribers. Not only because it’s a good source of income, but it also lets you connect with a vast audience.

If you have been trying lately but finding no good first YouTube video ideas, then this article indeed has left you with several options. However, in the meantime, make sure to get the best promotion for your YouTube Channel. Songlifty YouTube promotion is the most reliable and efficient way to promote your YouTube videos. So, what are you waiting for? Get the most out of Songlifty packages and beat your competitors the right way.

Scott Boyle

Scott Boyle

Hi, I'm Scott Boyle, a music producer, trumpet player, and marketer with a passion for all things digital. My journey in the industry started when I was just a teenager, tinkering with Ableton Live on my computer. Since then, I've worked with some of the biggest names in the UK, helping them to promote their music through digital platforms. With my expertise in marketing and my love for music, I'm confident that I can help artists take their careers to the next level. I'm always eager to share my knowledge with others and explore new ideas, so feel free to reach out and say hello!


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