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How to Buy Spotify Plays Without Getting Into Troubles

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If you already looked about “can you pay for Spotify plays“, it is time to drive how to buy them without getting into trouble. There are three safe ways to buy Spotify plays for your song. You can take advantage of Spotify ads, use other ad networks, or make your purchase through a promotion service. These methods help you to market your song without violating rules on the streaming service.

Getting Plays Through Spotify Ads

Musicians can use paid Spotify ads to promote their music to a target audience. Technically, you are not buying plays when you use this method. The more people interact with your advert and come to your profile, the likelier they are to check out your songs and playlists. This ends up increasing your plays.

Using Other Ad Networks

Apart from promoting your music through Spotify ads, you can also use platforms like Meta, Google, and Twitter to promote yourself. These have their own networks that you can use to advertise your music.

It is more difficult using such networks than Spotify ads since you redirect users from another platform to the streaming service.

Buy Spotify Plays From an Organic Promotion Services

The last method is using services like Songlifty to buy Spotify plays.

Promotion companies like this have a vast network of influencers and affiliate marketers they use to drive organic traffic to your songs. All you do is register with the service, provide a link to your music or profile, specify how many plays you want, and then pay.

Since the service takes advantage of its connections and does not use bots, you get real users streaming your songs. This process in no way violates the platform’s rules, keeping your profile safe.


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