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How to Find Your Spotify Artist Link?

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Are you trying to find out your Spotify artist link? Finding your Spotify artist link is one of the most straightforward. This guide shares the basic steps to get your Spotify artist link in your hands right away. Follow along with us.

Open the Spotify app on your mobile device or desktop. You can also log in through the Spotify web. After that, you must visit your Spotify artist profile to get your artist link copied to the clipboard.

Your Spotify artist profile will have a three-dot option available. Click over it, and you’ll be shown a drop-down menu. Find the “share” option in this menu. You’ll be able to see a “Copy Spotify URL” option. Click over there.

Finally, once you click it, you’ll get your artist profile URL copied to the clipboard. Nevertheless, this can be pasted anywhere as it is your official Spotify artist link. You can also get your artist link copied from the search bar once you open your Spotify profile, but that is a non-professional way and is never recommended by Spotify.

Follow the simple steps and find your Spotify artist link in just a few seconds, and then you can share your professional profile with your target audience


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