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How to See Who Liked your Playlist on Spotify?

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Whether your Spotify playlist has ten or a million likes, you always wonder who these profiles are. Being an artist, finding the actual profiles that like your songs is always a curiosity because it can help you with the promotion strategy. However, it’s not as easy as it sounds.


Seeing who liked your playlist on Spotify is not possible on Spotify compared to other streaming platforms. You can always see how many likes you get on a playlist but specifically mentioned names of profiles are unfortunately impossible.

We would suggest,

The only way to analyze who has liked your Spotify playlist is by looking at the list of your followers. Who your followers are can give you an idea of the potential people likelier to like your streams or playlists on Spotify.

Sadly, it is not necessary that only your followers can like your playlist on Spotify. It could be other people. Some applications claim to share the list of people who like your playlist. Never make yourself get trapped by these scammers. Spotify does not allow any artist to view the list of profiles who liked your playlist on Spotify. There are chances that Spotify will start showing the list of people who liked your playlist. Till that time, all we can do is wait!


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