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5 Effective Ways To Promote Your Music On Spotify

If you are a music artist who has yet to get big numbers on Spotify, you might not realize how this situation greatly affects your visibility and musical career.

Among streaming audio sites (excluding YouTube), Spotify gets the lion’s share, comprising up to 85% of all music streams. Yes, it’s much bigger than Apple Music. Not only does it have a global reach with over 450 million users, but nearly half of them are also paying subscribers. It has an extensive array of audio content and features that empower your marketing organically or through paid Spotify promotion. You can also build your fanbase, making it the best platform to share your talent with a massive audience.

This article will teach you how to blow up your tracks on Spotify even better than your favorite musicians.

1) Optimize your Spotify profile

One of the things you can do before resorting to paid Spotify promotion is to spruce up your Spotify for Artists profile. A curious user will likely check this out first to learn more about you.

Because it’s not enough to get your music out there, you want to provide ways for your fans to know and connect with you. Your bare minimum effort to enhance the stickiness and effectiveness of your Spotify profile should include getting it verified. It assures your audience that they are following the real deal since you might have a few accidental dupes or posers that can be confusing. And besides, it will make you feel good to have that ubiquitous blue check, won’t it?

Here are other things that your Spotify for Artists profile should include:

  • high-resolution photos in your avatar, banner, and image gallery
  • links to your socials in your About page
  • updated bio
  • playlist in Artist’s pick
  • donations button (if you need it)

In other words, don’t leave blanks when the fields are applicable to you because the info you will share can pique people’s interest and make them want to explore your sound. Doing these basics will help provide a pleasant experience for users, which is among the aspects that Spotify will take into account when assessing your editorial playlist submission.

2) Pitch your music ahead of its official release

Any new artist would want to land in a Spotify playlist. But you know it’s not easy; you compete with countless musicians gunning for the same thing. Nonetheless, you must work towards it, no matter how small the odds are. You can’t expect Spotify to promote your track without you putting in the effort first.

Begin by submitting your music to a distributor 30 days in advance and writing a good editorial pitch. Note that Spotify only allows you to submit one track at a time, and they recommend you do it at least seven days before your target date. Otherwise, you miss the opportunity to do as little work to have your tune on a Spotify playlist. Along with this strategy, you need to bank your content. In other words, you should have all your promotional photos, stories, and videos ready before your song comes out.

You can employ a pre-save campaign, essentially a pre-order but free of charge. It is when your fans can already save your music in their library before it officially releases. Pre-saving adds your song to their selected playlist come release day. As such, post your pre-save link twice or thrice a week before your single release. When you do this, you can get early week streams that can help you run up the board sooner. This way, you gain even more traction that inches you closer to gaining that much-coveted spot in the Featured Artists section.

3) Create your artist playlist

As a new artist launching a single, you must find similar acts in your genre to fill your artist playlist. You should include those who have at least achieved moderate success in their recent release because you are essentially piggybacking on them by exposing your music to their followers. More importantly, their songs are good enough and must blend well with your own; no filler tracks. Update this playlist every 2 to 4 weeks by adding newer tracks or deleting as you see fit to tap more listeners while keeping it interesting for your current following.

4) Spread out your tracks

Another effective way to promote your tunes is to launch them one at a time. So instead of releasing an album, many new artists prefer a single, which they can follow through with another song spaced 6 to 8 weeks apart. This strategy can be more appealing to Spotify’s algorithms to land if not keep you on their radar. It also suits the attention span of your potential fans instead of feeding them an entirely new repertoire at once.

As much as possible, every release should include extras such as lyrics, behind-the-scenes, music videos, etc. Telling a story around your music can keep your audience engaged and listen to you more often. It seems difficult, though, to keep reminding fans to stay tuned when there are multiple suggestions bombarding their feeds. However, you’ve got to market your stuff, as it is the only way to your success as an artist.

5) Use collabs, remixes, features, and split releases with other musicians

These promotional tools are some of the best to strengthen your Spotify presence since you get to be on the page of other artists and be put on their followers’ grid. They involve working with other artists willing to lend that helping hand to a fellow musician who has yet to find his footing. This way, you will be tied to their algorithms which can increase the chances of you being on the Discover Weekly list of their audience, drawing them to your music and joining your fanbase.

Paid Spotify Promotion

Paid music promotion on Spotify can have many benefits for artists and music marketers looking to increase their exposure on the platform. Spotify promotion services offer a variety of options, including Spotify playlist promotion, Spotify advertising, and the ability to buy Spotify plays, which can help boost Spotify streams and increase Spotify followers. These Spotify growth strategies can be highly effective in getting your music noticed by a wider audience and can lead to more opportunities for Spotify artist promotion. By using Spotify music promotion to your advantage, you can take advantage of the platform’s massive user base and reach new listeners who may become loyal fans of your music.

Last word

Remember that the above tips will only work with consistency and sustained marketing. Nonetheless, suppose you cannot commit to those efforts yet still want to grow your music career. In that case, your best alternative is to avail yourself of paid Spotify promotion services like SongLifty. Their marketing specialists will take care of your Spotify health, promote your music and help you with other goals you want to achieve on the Spotify platform.

Scott Boyle

Scott Boyle

Hi, I'm Scott Boyle, a music producer, trumpet player, and marketer with a passion for all things digital. My journey in the industry started when I was just a teenager, tinkering with Ableton Live on my computer. Since then, I've worked with some of the biggest names in the UK, helping them to promote their music through digital platforms. With my expertise in marketing and my love for music, I'm confident that I can help artists take their careers to the next level. I'm always eager to share my knowledge with others and explore new ideas, so feel free to reach out and say hello!


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