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Unveiling Empire Distribution, Records & Publishing

Breaking Barriers: Empire Records’ Diverse Roster of Artists and Genres

Key Takeaways:


      • Empire Distribution, Records & Publishing is a powerhouse in the music industry, with a CEO and founder, Ghazi Shami, who has revolutionized the industry by putting artists first without compromising their creative vision.

      • Empire Records has a diverse roster of young talents, Atlanta scene artists, and other genres represented, making it an inclusive and versatile label that has resonated with audiences worldwide.

    • If you are interested in contacting the Empire Record Label, visit their website for more information on how to send demos, press inquiries, and business inquiries.


    The Powerhouse Behind the Music Industry: Unveiling Empire Distribution, Records & Publishing

    Unlocking the essence behind the success of the music industry, Empire Distribution, Records & Publishing comes into play. With its impeccable distribution and publishing services, Empire Records has become a well-known name in the music industry. Established in San Francisco, California in 2010, the company has spread its wings and delivered high-quality services to over 150 countries across the world.

    Empire Records‘ core values include transparency, credibility, and innovation, which has helped it to build a reputation of excellence in the industry. The company’s impressive roster of artists includes big names such as Snoop Dogg, Kendrick Lamar, and Tierra Whack.

    Notably, Empire Records has also developed a cutting-edge digital platform, providing musicians with access to a range of tools to manage their music more effectively, including publishing services and distribution across various streaming platforms.

    Empire Records has created a new wave in the music industry, providing an unmatched music experience to artists and audiences alike. With its seamless distribution and publishing services, Empire Records has become a force to be reckoned with.

    Don’t miss out on the Empire Records experience; stay connected with the brand and stay ahead in the ever-expanding industry.

    Who Owns Empire Distribution?

    As I dove deeper into the music industry, I found myself wondering who really owns Empire Distribution – the company that has propelled several musical artists to worldwide fame. With some research, it became clear that Ghazi Shami is the mastermind behind EMPIRE. In this section, I’ll be highlighting the man behind this music empire – his achievements, work ethic and his rise to power in the industry. Get ready to be impressed by what this powerhouse of a man has accomplished.

    Ghazi Shami: The Mastermind Behind EMPIRE

    Ghazi Shami: The Creative Genius Behind EMPIRE

    EMPIRE Distribution is a powerful force within the music industry, and it’s all thanks to its founder Ghazi Shami. As a visionary entrepreneur with an ear for talent, Ghazi has built a cutting-edge record label that has launched countless careers in the hip hop community. His innovative marketing strategies and artist development programs are unparalleled in the industry, cementing his place as a respected leader in music distribution.

    As the mastermind behind EMPIRE, Ghazi has carefully crafted a roster of talented artists representing various genres from around the world. He is extremely hands-on when it comes to artist management, taking pride in helping each artist achieve their unique vision while building their brand. With years of experience and unmatched knowledge of the music business, he guides each artist through every stage of their career.

    What sets Ghazi apart from other label founders is his unwavering dedication to innovation. He is always thinking outside of the box on how to get his artists’ content out there – beyond the traditional record label model. He takes risks where others might not, which isn’t surprising given that he started this venture after quitting a tech startup that had accumulated $750 million as one of its first employees.

    EMPIRE’s growth and stability continue to give testament to Ghazi’s ingenious masterminding abilities and bring next-level concepts into fruition; aside from being able to get high-profile artists like Fat Joe or Busta Rhyme onto using Empire Distribution besides signing underground talents like Mozzy or Snow Tha Product into meaningful contracts with enough support head-to-head against several major labels alike.

    To conclude, It’s no question why EMPIRE has garnered so much success since its inception due to Ghazi’s musical understanding far ahead of many contemporaries; for his commitment towards discovering new talents & launching them onto greater heights along with his continued expansion into digitization partnerships plus technological collaborations in other countries, make Ghazi one of the most forward-thinking individuals behind EMPIRE’s continued success.

    Empire Records: Where young talents and ATL’s finest come to make their mark in the music industry.

    Empire Record Artists

    My goodness, have you seen the latest line-up of artists signed onto Empire Records? It’s amazing to see how this label has managed to gather some of the most promising young talents in the music industry today.

    In this part of our exploration of Empire Distribution, Records & Publishing, we take a closer look at their label roster. We’ll be diving into the Atlanta scene artists who are part of the Empire family, the other genres represented by Empire Records, as well as the younger artists that Empire Records is supporting. Let’s have a closer look at who’s on their roster.

    Young Talents Supported by Empire Records

    Empire Records has been a supportive platform for emerging artists in the music industry. The label supports young talents with a unique sound and vision, providing them with an opportunity to showcase their talents on a global platform. Empire’s focus on cultivating and nurturing young talents is reflected in the diverse roster of artists they have signed.

    Empire Records has a reputation for discovering some of the most promising young voices in hip hop, R&B, and pop genres. The label works closely with these young musicians to help them develop and grow their careers with strategic planning techniques such as marketing, public relations, and networking opportunities.

    Many prominent names like D.R.A.M., XXXTentacion, Lil Pump, Fat Joe, Joey Bada$$ started their music careers under the guidance of Empire Records which reflects how deep their support goes for young talents.

    To ensure that your musical talent is given an opportunity to flourish under the guidance of EMPIRE records, one must not hesitate to contact them because not reaching out could mean missing out on becoming one of the most successful people in the music industry today.

    Empire Records puts the ATL on the map with its roster of hot Atlanta scene artists.

    Atlanta Scene Artists Signed by Empire Records

    Empire Records has made a significant impact on the Atlanta music scene by supporting and nurturing emerging talent. Scholarly report on the tenure of ‘Atlanta Scene Artists Signed by Empire Records‘. Here are the names that have inspired the Empire Label in Atlanta:


        • Young Thug: Rapper, singer, songwriter, and record producer.

        • Lil Yachty: Rapper, singer, and songwriter known for his hit single “One Night.”

        • Migos: Rap trio made up of Quavo, Offset, Takeoff.

        • T.I.: Rapper, entrepreneur, actor and philanthropist.

        • 2 Chainz: Rapper and member of Playaz Circle

      Empire Records also represents numerous other genres besides rap, including pop, country music (Tim McGraw), rock (Dirty Heads), and alternative (Greta Van Fleet).

      It is interesting to note that even established artists such as Gucci Mane have turned to Empire Records since their founding in 2010.

      For those who wish to collaborate with Empire Records or join the company in an official capacity should visit their website for more information. The Company’s current job openings can be found there.

      If you want to learn about more innovative artists signed by Empire Records then keep exploring more using various search engines.

      Empire Records proudly represents a diverse range of genres, proving that they don’t discriminate when it comes to making money off of talented musicians.

      Other Genres Represented by Empire Records

      Empire Records has a diverse range of artists from various genres. They have signed and supported young talents in the pop, hip-hop and rap scene. Empire Records also represents emerging Atlanta scene artists who are heavily influenced by trap music. Besides that, they have other genres represented such as R&B, EDM and country music.

      Moreover, Empire Records label actively supports lesser-known artists globally by providing them with online distribution opportunities through Empire Distribution. They focus on discovering new genres representing the voice of upcoming generations while using their networks to distribute these sounds around the world.

      Empire Record label also represents industry veterans like Snoop Dogg, Curren$y and T-Pain among others. The wide range of musical styles covered by Empire Records reflects their passion for diversity in music, talent representation, and innovation.

      A true fact is that Empire Record’s global distribution network serves independent artists across approximately 160 countries worldwide (source:

      These are the people who make the music magic happen at Empire Records.

      Empire Record Label Members

      As I began exploring Empire Distribution, Records & Publishing, I was intrigued by the diverse team of individuals that make up the label. In this section, I’d like to introduce you to some of the key players behind Empire’s success. First up is the powerhouse CEO and Founder, Ghazi Shami, who has been the driving force behind the label’s rise to prominence. Beyond Shami, there are several more talented individuals who have played a crucial role in Empire’s success story. Let me introduce you to some of the brilliant minds that make up this record label’s team.

      CEO and Founder: Ghazi Shami

      Ghazi Shami, the mastermind behind Empire Distribution and Records, serves as the CEO and founder. As the visionary leader, he has built a remarkable record label that is one of the most influential in the music industry. With his exceptional business acumen and musical expertise, Shami has created an environment where talented artists can thrive and reach their full potential.

      Under Ghazi Shami’s leadership, Empire Records’ roster of artists spans across various genres of music. From young talents to established acts, Empire seeks to give a voice to artists at all stages of their careers. With Shami’s guidance, Empire Records has become a leading supporter of independent music from all corners of the globe.

      Moreover, with Empire’s net worth continuing to grow under Ghazi Shami’s leadership, it makes many aspiring young professionals eager to join his team. Suppose you are interested in pursuing opportunities within such a thriving company; we advise you don’t miss out on keeping up with available job openings in senior positions like Senior Product Manager or entry-level positions like Marketing Communications Assistant and get in touch with them through official channels mentioning your professional qualifications.

      Behind every successful record label are the unsung heroes – the other members of the label.

      Other Members of the Label

      The Empire Record Label encompasses various professionals other than the founder and CEO, Ghazi Shami. These include experienced music managers and agents, who have been instrumental in scouting young talents, nurturing them, and enhancing their musical careers. Notably, this empire also entails a team with supportive roles such as marketers, songwriters, producers, audio engineers, promoters, and publicists among others.

      These other members actively execute various functions so that both upcoming artists and established musicians on the label get a chance to showcase their full potential. As such, it is an efficient label with a streamlined workflow and talented individuals.

      Furthermore, Empire Records also boasts of having a talented poetry division that produces recordings of poets’ work and spoken word performances.

      One fact about other members of the label is that Empire Records has signed distribution deals with major music labels like Universal Music Group (UMG), Warner Brothers’ Entertainment (WBE), with EMPIRE Distribution being responsible for the distribution of reputed artist records from international markets as well.

      Get in touch with the powerhouse behind the music industry through Empire Record Label’s contact information.

      How to Contact Empire Record Label

      Empire Record Label: How to Connect with the Powerhouse Behind the Music Industry

      Connecting with the Empire Record Label requires a simple and straightforward approach. Firstly, check out their website to learn about their current roster and review their contact page. You can email Empire Distribution, Records & Publishing directly or visit their headquarters in San Francisco, LA, or New York. For A&R-style submissions, reach out to their social media platforms or through an established Music Industry connections site.

      Once you’ve decided on the best route to take, ensure that your music is already produced to a high standard. Empire Record Label is known for delivering top-rated music, which implies that each submission must pack a punch. To stand a chance of being heard, take extra care to submit your music in a manner that makes it stand out from the mass of submissions Empire receive.

      It’s recommended that you’re familiar with current industry trends and the Empire Record Label’s target audience. This enables you to customize your message and create an emotional connection with the label. Remember, Empire Record Label is a powerhouse and only the best of the best can connect with them.

      Empire Record Label is ever on the lookout for the next big thing. Ensure that you do not miss out on an opportunity to be a part of their illustrious roster. Take the plunge and submit your music to Empire Record Label today.

      Empire Records Net Worth

      Empire Distribution, Records & Publishing has emerged as a powerhouse in the music industry, and their net worth reflects their success. The company’s earnings have been steadily rising over the years, and they have become a significant player in the industry. Their diverse range of services, including music distribution, record label, and music publishing, has helped them establish a strong market position.

      Empire Records recognizes the value of artists and their work, and they prioritize developing long-term relationships that benefit everyone involved. A pro tip for aspiring artists and industry professionals: consider partnering with Empire Records to gain access to their extensive resources and support.

      Empire Records Review

      Empire Distribution, Records & Publishing: Unveiling the Powerhouse Behind the Music Industry

      Empire Records is a dominant player in the music industry, with its distribution, records, and publishing services. Through its extensive network, Empire helps artists of all sizes accomplish their music goals by offering a range of services that meet their unique needs. Their focus on high-quality customer service and cultivating relationships with artists and fans has earned them a solid reputation as a powerhouse in the industry.

      With its vast resources and experience, Empire Records has the ability to help artists develop their careers and reach new levels of success. In addition to their comprehensive distribution services, they offer customized marketing plans and advanced analytics to help artists identify key growth opportunities. They also provide management and publishing services to assist with music licensing and royalty tracking.

      One unique aspect of Empire Records is its commitment to supporting independent artists and labels. They provide a platform for emerging musicians to showcase their talents and reach a wider audience, giving them the chance to make a name for themselves in the industry.

      Don’t miss out on the opportunity to work with one of the leading services in the music industry. With its diverse offerings and unwavering dedication to artists, Empire Records is the ideal choice for anyone looking to take their music career to the next level. Contact them today to learn more about their services and start on the path to success.

      Empire Record Label Jobs

      Empire Distribution, Records & Publishing is a major player in the music industry, with their portfolio boasting a diverse range of genres and artists. As someone who’s interested in forging a career in the music industry, exploring record label jobs seems like an exciting prospect.

      Today, I want to take a look at some of the jobs currently available at Empire Distribution, Records & Publishing. Specifically, I have my sights set on the roles of an Entry-Level Marketing Communications Assistant and a Senior Product Manager.

      These are two crucial roles in the music industry that play a crucial part in taking music from the studio to the masses.

      Entry-Level Marketing Communications Assistant

      An opportunity to become part of Empire Records’ team as an entry-level marketing communications assistant is available. The role involves assisting the marketing department in creating and implementing advertising campaigns, developing promotional materials, and ensuring that the overall branding strategy aligns with the label’s vision.

      The chosen candidate would be required to have excellent organizational and communication skills, proficiency in Adobe Creative Suite, and a passion for music. The role will also require liaising with other departments within the organization.

      Empire Records pride themselves on supporting young talent, and joining their team could open up doors to future opportunities within the music industry. Don’t miss out on this chance to become part of one of the fastest-growing independent labels!

      To apply for this position or any other vacancies at Empire Records, visit their website today.

      “Managing senior products at Empire Records is like herding cats while riding a unicycle on a tightrope.”

      Senior Product Manager

      The senior product manager at Empire Records is in charge of overseeing the entire process surrounding the creation, marketing, and distribution of a particular album or project. It involves collaborating with various departments both internal and external, such as creative, A&R, marketing and promotion teams to ensure that the release schedule is met on time with maximum profitability.

      This position requires a deep understanding of the market trends while keeping up with the industry’s current changes, managing budgets, and negotiating contracts. The Senior Product Manager identifies opportunities for growth and promotes best practices in global music delivery. These responsibilities require someone with exceptional problem-solving abilities, outstanding communication skills and creativity.

      While certain aspects of this role are routine-based and procedure-oriented, other areas are highly creative- making it ideal for candidates who excel at multitasking between analytical tasks and strategizing innovative approaches to showcase an artist’s work.

      Notably, Empire Distribution (parent company) first came into operation in 2010 by Ghazi Shami after leaving his last venture dealing with digital distribution services before founding Empire. He aimed to create an alternative option in the music industry away from hate-soaked news cycles towards uplifting tales that promoted positivity through fresh authentic voices from various genres.


      Empire Distribution, Records & Publishing: A Dominant Force in the Music Industry

      Empire Distribution, Records & Publishing is a multifaceted organization that has carved out a powerful place in the music industry. With a focus on distribution, marketing, and promotion, Empire has become a dominant force in the industry. Their ability to provide artists with comprehensive services has made them an attractive option for those looking to break into the competitive world of music.

      Empire’s success is due in large part to their innovative approach to industry challenges. By staying ahead of trends and developing cutting-edge technology, they have been able to provide their clients with a competitive advantage. Their commitment to excellence has earned them a reputation as a trusted partner for artists, labels, and industry professionals alike.

      In addition to their expertise in distribution and marketing, Empire also boasts an impressive roster of artists. Through partnerships with up-and-coming talent as well as established stars, they have built a diverse and dynamic catalogue of music. This commitment to supporting emerging talent ensures that Empire will continue to be a major force in the music industry for years to come.

      The history of Empire is a testament to the power of innovation and commitment to excellence. By staying at the forefront of industry trends and providing comprehensive services to their clients, they have established themselves as a dominant force in the music industry. As the industry continues to evolve, Empire will undoubtedly remain a key player in shaping its future.


      Five Facts About Empire Distribution, Records & Publishing:

        1. ✅ Empire is a music distribution company, music publisher, and record label headquartered in San Francisco, with offices in London, Atlanta, New York, and Nashville.

        1. ✅ The company was founded by Ghazi Shami, who is originally from Lebanon and has worked in the music industry for years before starting Empire in 2010. 

        1. ✅ Empire is known for producing and releasing hip-hop music, but also releases albums in other genres and distributes music on multiple platforms and in physical formats.

        1. ✅ The label has worked with over 150 artists, including 50 Cent, Robin Thicke, Tyga, and Kendrick Lamar, and is known for supporting young talent.

      1. ✅ Empire offers a variety of services to its clients, including marketing, distribution, and publishing, and has received positive reviews for the services it provides.

      FAQs about Empire Distribution, Records & Publishing: Unveiling The Powerhouse Behind The Music Industry

      What is Empire Distribution?

      Empire is a distribution company, music publisher, and record label based in the US founded by Ghazi Shami in 2010. It is known for producing and releasing hip-hop music but has released several albums in different genres as well. It distributes music across multiple platforms including Google Play, Spotify, iTunes, Deezer, Amazon, Radio, and SoundCloud, and also distributes vinyl and physical CDs to traditional stores all over America.

      Who are some of the notable artists signed to Empire Records?

      Empire Records has a roster of over 150 artists from different genres. Some of its notable hip-hop artists include Dequantes Devontay Lamar aka Rich Homie Quan, Nicholaus Joseph Williams aka Trinidad Jame$, Rocko, Migos, and K Camp. Empire has also signed John Hart, Jesse Boykins III, Eric Bellinger, Jacquees, and Lyrica Anderson. It helped reggae artist J Boog with his chart-topping album Backyard Boogie.

      Who owns Empire Distribution?

      Ghazi Shami is the founder and CEO of Empire Distribution. He began his career in the music industry following graduating from San Francisco State University in music technology. Shami was the Director of Urban Music at INGrooves Music Group before starting Empire in 2010.

      How can I submit my music to Empire Distribution?

      To submit music to Empire Distribution, you can visit their website and fill out the submission form, including your personal information, track information, and a link to a streaming platform where your music can be heard. It is free to submit music to Empire Distribution.

      What is the net worth of Empire Records?

      According to Rocketreach, the label’s revenue is about $2.2 million.

      Why do rappers love signing to Empire Records?

      Empire Records is known to support young talents and offers a variety of services to help artists and brands build mass awareness. It also offers a flexible distribution model that allows artists to keep their master recordings and control their creativity. Some of the notable rappers signed to Empire include Anderson Paak, Cardi B, and Nipsey Hussle.

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