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Best 15 YouTube Background Ideas Based on the Audience Niche [2022]

With the growing number of YouTube channels and videos, creators now have to go the extra mile to get viewers’ attention to their channels. This post will look at 15 YouTube background ideas that you can use to make your videos more interesting to viewers.

When trying to promote your YouTube video and channel, there are many elements that you can use to capture the interest of your target audience. The most common ones are the Intro video, channel banner, video captions, and link cards. One component that is mostly ignored is the background of your video.

Importance of Having a Good Background for Your YouTube Videos

The background of your video is essential to improving brand awareness for your channel. Choosing a good one can help set the right tone and vibe in your videos.

Its most basic function is to help capture attention. The right background design generates interest in your videos, drawing viewers in from start to finish.

You can also use your video’s background to feature your channel’s logo, tagline, and other elements that communicate your brand identity and culture.

It provides an opportunity for you to share information about your channel’s brand, such as links to its website and other social media channels.

Deciding to use a green screen as your video’s background gives you a lot of creative freedom. You can easily and quickly implement any background you imagine using this technique. Your background choice can help you cut the cost and time involved in setting up your video’s location.

Lastly, if you have space in your chosen background, you can sell it to advertisers who want to promote their products on your channel.

Best 15 Youtube Background Ideas for Your Videos

The following YouTube background ideas should help you get inspired according to your target audience.

1. Record Collection


The music niche is one of the trendy ones in the space of YouTube channels. It’s usually composed of musicians promoting their songs and music videos, reviewers analyzing songs or ranking them, etc.

Choosing a fitting background can be somewhat challenging for a channel in this genre. Doing too much can distract your viewers, and doing too little can make your video underwhelming and bland.

The secret is in finding the right balance in-between, and designing your video’s background with vinyl records on a wall is one way to achieve that. You can also show your vintage records arranged on a shelf in the background.

With this option, you get to show off and let your viewers know you have exquisite taste in music.

NTX Vinyl is a classic example of a YouTube channel that best implements this design in its videos.

2. Recording Equipment Setup


Another popular background for videos in the music niche is the recording setup. This is usually used when musicians do a live stream or host a public performance.

The setting usually arranges musical and recording equipment in a public space where the artiste and their band host a performance. The performance is streamed live on the host’s YouTube channel or gets recorded, edited, and uploaded later.

Others skip the trouble of transporting and setting up equipment at a location and choose to host their performance in a professional recording studio. This option achieves the same purpose with less stress.

These YouTube background ideas are best displayed in Merryn Jeann’s “Mind Your Own Business” video, shot in a studio.

3. Song Lyrics Background


You can utilize the green screen perfectly as a space to list out lyrics for songs in a video. This technique is also popular within the music niche and is mostly used to promote songs on YouTube when official music videos haven’t been made yet.

These YouTube background ideas are one of the best techniques to have viewers engrossed in your video for the full length, as most of them will be attentively learning the words to their favorite jams.

The Dope Lyrics channel is popular for using this background method. With over 15 million subscribers and 9 billion views, using the song lyrics background in your videos seems like a logical choice.

4. Screens in the Background


Videos made in the technology niche usually use a background that contains screens that may be blurred so that they don’t distract viewers. This creates a bokeh effect that focuses on the creator while maintaining the electronic vibe the screen lights add.

There may be multiple screens to help represent a typical workstation for tech fanatics.

The Tech Chap uses this background technique in his videos to give the techie feeling he wants for his channel.

5. Video Background


This is the most common background used in the gaming niche. The host is usually shown in one of the lower corners of the screen, overlaying a video of the analyzed game. The video can be a live stream of the gameplay or a pre-recorded version.

Many gaming channels like GamingWithKiev and RageElixir use this kind of YouTube background ideas on the gameplay to capture the audience’s attention.

It is a great method when you need to do more than one thing while creating your video. In this case, showing the gameplay and simultaneously running commentary.

6. Neon Lights


Apart from using screens, most content creators also use dark backgrounds with neon lights to create a geeky vibe. This is a common setting for videos made in the gaming niche.

Markiplier, one of the most popular gaming channels, applies this technique excellently.

Although the channel often displays the gameplay in the background, the host’s setting, which overlays the video, uses a darkened room with red neon lights.

This video about FeedVid on the channel is a perfect example of this.

7. Plain Background


Using a plain background can be complementary when creators are so sure of how enjoyable their videos are. You can achieve this using a paper background or painted wall of a color you desire. This background choice is not only economical but can also be easily replaced.

Product review channels like Unbox Therapy apply this background technique well when making videos. The niche attracts viewers interested in the product being reviewed by creators; thus, creators do not have to bother about viewers losing interest.

The plain background also puts the product under review into better perspective for viewers.

8. Living Room Background


Channels like Think Media and Cathrin Manning use the living room background in most of their videos to create the mood of an everyday setting.

It is common for channels within the lifehack niche, especially those focusing on teaching viewers how to make money.

You can get inspiration from this Jack Cole video teaching viewers how to multiply their money with Crypto coins for your videos.

9. Whiteboard Background


Using a whiteboard as a background is a no-brainer for channels that offer lessons or tutorials. This background choice is typical for this niche because of its simplicity and functionality.

It is straightforward to set up and mentally gives the viewers the feeling of being in class, thus tapping into the learning mode that has been innately instilled within them from school. Viewers unconsciously prepare themselves for studies when they see such a setting.

These YouTube background ideas are also helpful when some concepts or theories need to be further explained with diagrams.

Another functional choice for the tutorial niche is using an animated background instead of a whiteboard. This is a great substitute but can be pretty expensive as the content creator will have to hire someone to do the animations. Writing on a whiteboard side steps this cost.

Contrary to the opinion of amateurs, this background doesn’t make your video unprofessional in any sense. Popular channels like English with Ronnie and Math and Science use this background for their videos and still have over 300 million combined views on YouTube.

If your channel is within this niche, you should consider the whiteboard background first in your plans.

10. Kitchen Background


It is almost imperative for a channel within the cooking niche to use the kitchen background for their videos.

It will take more effort to avoid using the kitchen for this kind of content because it offers the best background contribution in mood creation and functionality.

To use a different setting means you first have to move cooking utensils and gadgets such as your refrigerator, stove, and oven to your alternative location. Many other factors make using the kitchen for cooking videos the best choice by default, but these will only drag an already established point.

Famous chefs like Jamie Oliver and Gordon Ramsay try to add a lot of variety to their videos, but the fact remains that most of them end up being made in the kitchen.

Choose the kitchen background if you are looking to create cooking content. You will save yourself a lot of stress.

11. Studio Background


Using a studio as a background is popular for channels in the art niche. This is typically an open space with a smooth wooden floor covering.

Matt Steffanina’s dance video uses this background because it is aesthetically pleasing and projects the domain of the video to viewers.

It uses a space the creators already work in, making them feel more comfortable when making videos. The approach is also cost-effective.

The studio background can be an excellent inspiration for videos in the dancing and painting niche.

12. Outdoor


Creators in the traveling niche often make videos of the places they visit with little control over the background. This means the background is often of the outdoors.

The cost of changing location for these types of YouTube background ideas is already covered in the traveling expenses.

You can check out Yes Theory and TheTravelingClatt to see how videos can use this background.

13. Lab or Workshop 


If you have a channel focused on technical or scientific tutorials, you can use your workshop or laboratory as the background for your videos.

This promotes trust in your technical abilities to your audience and makes it easy for you to access tools that may come in handy when making videos.

The Auto Repair Guys use this background in their videos.

14. Newspaper Background


The Newspaper background is an excellent background to use for photoshoots. Although its monochromatic design is plain, the collage of pages also makes it aesthetically pleasing.

Many videos in the lifehack niche teach viewers how to create this background.

15. Collage Background


Collages are used to create organized randomness. These can be different photos or text designs that combine to create enough distractions so that a video’s background isn’t dull.

Lilly Singh uses this well in her 2016 video which generates almost 5 million views.

Wrapping Up

A stylish YouTube background adds more creative value to your videos. You can draw inspiration from the examples explored above. You can also take a look and get inspired by these YouTube Channels, and video Ideas. Get more tips from SongLifty on authentic youtube promotion. You can give your channel an edge over others within the same niche and beyond by paying more attention to your background selection. It is an advantage you shouldn’t ignore in your efforts to promote your YouTube channel.

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