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Can I Collect Royalties on Spotify out of the US?

Yes. You can collect royalties from Spotify out of the United States. The company pays two main types of royalties: recording and publishing royalties. Spotify pays recording royalties for a song’s sound recording


How to Find Spotify Artist ID?

Before we find a way to get our Spotify artist ID, let us know what it is. A Spotify artist ID is a string of letters and numbers which are usually not meaningful


How to Find Your Spotify Artist Link?

Are you trying to find out your Spotify artist link? Finding your Spotify artist link is one of the most straightforward. This guide shares the basic steps to get your Spotify artist link


How to Change Artist Name on Spotify?

Are you thinking of how you could change the artist’s name on Spotify? Well, there is no possible way of changing the artist’s name on Spotify manually. To change the artist name on


Tips to Write a Spotify Bio

Spotify Bio has broad importance when it comes to presenting your skills. These 1500 characters describe everything you’ve to share about your Spotify account. If you’re a music artist, you have got the

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